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3 Tips to Beat Adult Onset Doldrums

People are aware enough to know they’re unhappy. Their view of the world as a place of hope and possibility has long since waned. When our perceptions change to bleak ones, our futures become shut down and we become depressed. Veronica offers tips to help adults open back up to play, expression, and connection.

Be the Pied Piper to Your Happy Place

We all have our happy place. It’s real; we’ve all felt it – but how do we get back there from here? Find your happy place through the art of play and sharing joyful, uplifting expressions with yourself and others. Veronica explains.

Discover the Power of You

Veronica went from choosing the safe cloak of invisibility and preferring to be unseen to stepping out as the face of her brand. Now, she teaches other entrepreneurs how to become social expressionists who are free to express their real selves publicly and openly – including creating an honest video presence.

Small Details, Big Miracles

Can you find the gold in adverse situations? Magic is everywhere, especially in life’s details. We just have to look, Veronica explains.

Shaboo: The Being Alive Movement

In the vernacular of the moment, “Shaboo” is the equivalent of being “woke.” Veronica explains what it means to “be Shaboo” and how anyone can tap into this movement to rediscover their inner playfulness, creativity, self-expression, and joy.

You Did Everything Right. How’s That Working for You?

If you’ve followed a path of what society told you would make you happy yet you find yourself miserable, it’s time to reignite your heart and make the next chapter lead to happiness and fulfillment.

Be a Good Messenger

There’s a lot of negativity in the world, but each of us can take up the call to be a good messenger. Encourage and inspire others by radiating joy for life. Believe that the world is a benevolent place. Promote the power of unity and oneness. Value your own experience and individuality and share it with the world through your own unique stories. Be a student and a teacher of life.

The Lost Art of Connecting

Look people in the eye and say “hello.” Send a handwritten “thank you” card. Practice deep, active listening – the kind that honors your connection with another. Respond when someone reaches out. Ignite your imagination and make a positive impact on another person.

How to Put Play Back Into Your Life

When we were kids, playing was a natural part of life. As adults though, many of us have lost our connection to the joy of play. In fact, approximately 60% of the adults Veronica works with start out with a strong aversion to play – and she says that means Shaboo Prints is onto something. Using play as the window through which we connect to our real self, Veronica implements Shaboo as a tool to heal the old wounds that keep us jaded and disconnected from joy.

Harnessing the Power of Storytelling

Everything in life has a story behind it. When we share our stories, we connect with others who resonate with our experiences – and they connect with us. In today’s world, people are hungry for the deep, universal truths that can be found in storytelling. Veronica offers tips to help people tell their own stories as well as listen deeply to connect with others’ unique stories, perspectives, and personal truths.

Imagine Your Health, Experience Your Health

The latest scientific research shows that positive imagery has a powerful impact on health and well-being just like healthy foods and body movement do. With negativity trending in the news and on social media – contributing to people’s experience of “dis-ease” – the world needs a positive boost more than ever. Veronica shares how she used positive imagery to transform her own battle with cancer.

Joining Forces with Technology to Heal and Grow

Society’s dependence on technology may be causing imbalances, as seen in the increase of social dysfunction and mental and emotional health issues. Veronica realizes technology is here to stay and is actively coming up with innovative ways to combine it with heart and nature to return people to a state of personal balance.

Pioneering In Business

Veronica does not believe in "throwing the baby out with the bath water." She understands the value of the old and the new and takes the best parts of each to provide new and meaningful experiences for her audience. Veronica testifies, “It is sound business to combine whatever’s available in new ways to deepen the connections people have with themselves and others.”

The Power of Imagination On the Future

Imagination is the paving stone that connects possibility with probability. Nothing can be created if it is not first conceived of, which implies that there is a powerful cause and effect to the act of imagining something that does not yet exist. Now imagine what knowing this may have on the future.

The New Diet: Positive Imagery!

New studies report that the images we see are just as important to our health as food and exercise. Today, positive imagery is playing a role in healing as well as boosting self-esteem, confidence, creativity, immunity, and more.
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