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Connect, Express, Play, Spread Goodness = Shaboo!

Shaboo greeting cards and products use positive messaging and augmented reality to lift spirits, remind people of life’s joys, and inspire imagination and connection

Veronica Vargas always felt a little different. She connected with trees from a young age, reflecting on the deep connections between the self, the world, and nature. She got violently ill after a family trip to Mexico, resulting in bouts of sickness and high fevers that lasted many months. Afterwards, her intuitive abilities magnified, but upon sharing this with peers, she was ridiculed.

After many years of closing that part of herself off, going through the motions, and generally living life the way society expected her to, Veronica found herself working a marketing job in commercial aviation. Unfulfilled, she decided to create a life that was more connected, creative, and in touch with her truth.

“I asked myself, what gives me joy?” she says. “I always loved writing, doodling, and creating and so what came naturally to me as the best thing to do was to start making greeting cards.” And Shaboo Prints was born. “There’s a path to happiness, and it’s not through what other people say; it’s of your own heart.”

What Is Shaboo?

Veronica – or Imagineer Veronica as she calls herself in the “World of Shaboo” – named her company after a game she used to play with her godson. “We would play and frolic and I would yell, ‘Roo Shaboo Shaboo!’ That has always stuck with me, and Shaboo became the perfect name for the company I was creating. Shaboo represents a time in our lives when the world was big and the potential was huge and anything could happen. I try to remind folks of that world – of their ability to connect, express, and play.”

Shaboo is an innovative social expression company that features a variety of ever-evolving goods and services, social media, and digital entertainment, including:

* Greeting Cards: Physical cards that are leading the industry in the use of interactive augmented reality bonus experiences, thanks to a recent partnership with software company iGreet.
* Coloring Books: Made for painting or watercolors and including uplifting inspirational quotes – “Shabooisms” – to contemplate while you color.
* Light the Magic Lamps: Decorative tabletop lamps that “come alive” using innovative augmented reality technology. Use your smartphone as a “wand” to enter the colorful World of Shaboo and reveal positive stories or uplifting messages for yourself or others.
*Cheerytoot Slide Whistle: A mood boosting tool for positivity, embellished with an elevating “Shabooism.”
* Power of You Video Coaching: Helping individuals and small business owners develop a digital video presence online; beginner course and advanced course available.

Do You Shaboo?

More than a series of fun products and services, Shaboo is also a social movement, Veronica explains. She calls people who practice Shaboo in the world “Shaboo Messengers.” A Shaboo Messenger is:

* Someone who encourages and inspires others through their own radiating joy for life.
* A Pied Piper into the “Happy Place.”
* A believer that the world is a benevolent place.
* Someone who promotes the power of One.
* Someone who values their own experience and individuality.
* A teacher and student.

“We hold space for good messages on social media and elsewhere,” says Veronica. “We are resisting all the negativity that’s prominent in the world today to uphold all that is still good. We use the power of positive messages and images to support the well-being of others and the power of storytelling to connect people with deep positive truths that may be forgotten by the current mainstream. We believe in the power of play to reveal one’s true self and release dormant creativity.”

Download Veronica Vargas’s One Pager.

PRESS RELEASE 10/8/19 Shaboo Prints Partners with iGreet to Launch Greeting Cards and More Into the Future

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